Sébastien L'HAIRE

I'm a web developper and I work for a web hosting company. I have developped some packages for my personal websites.

These packages are freely available for the web community on Packagist. This site's sources are here. Source files are available on GitHub. You can fork the projects to adapt them to your needs, notify bugs or propose merge requests. Translation files in your own language are very welcome.



Bootstrap Paginator

Generate paginators.

Two different pagnators: a classical paginator with page numbers and previous and next button. paginator image and an alphabetical paginator with letters.

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Builds a calendar to set a date or a date range

DateRangePicker is a great Javascript library to build a calendar and select a date or date range. This package provides helpers to facilitate calendar settings and date retrieval.

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Retrieves data from database and displays it in a table with a Javascript library.

A Laravel library to build tables easily, which interacts with a lightweight js builder and builds data from Eloquent Object-Relational Mapping with database tables. Table can also load static data.

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File upload package

A Laravel library to provide file upload utilities. A Javascript library builds a complete file upload widget with upload button, drag-and-drop zone, progress bar and result builder. A controller is available to manage uploaded files.

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Add auto-completion to your input

A Laravel library with Javascript JQuery script to add input with auto-completer.

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Select items from a list and put them in a tag list

A Laravel library with jQuery add-on to add tags (Boostrap badges) selected by an auto-completer.

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Easily insert a form into your pages with Boostrap style

A Laravel library to generate forms based on Laravel Collective Forms & HTML, Boostrap 5 CSS Framework, RichText editor, and Icons provided by FontAwesome. Includes form management and validation.

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Menu and Tabs Utils

A Laravel library to to build menus and tabs navigation utilities, based on Boostrap 5 CSS Framework.

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Alternative authentication library

Library based on Laravel authentication libraries (login, logout, password reset procedure) provided in Laravel Breeze but does not contain registration process.

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